Friday, June 21, 2013

Homeschool Room Prep: Painting

Oh boy.  I've been so lost without my big camera.  I can't find where I put the before photos of the school room.  And I know I took them.  My brain doesn't seem to be functioning the way I want it to.  But I did just get my big camera back, so I can start snapping some photos with it soon.

We've been working on the homeschool room ever since school got out.  I'm pretty sure I showed the kids peeling the paint off the walls before.

You know someone did a horrible paint job on your walls if you can peel paint off with painter's tape.  Yep, our paint is that bad.  And requires lots of extra work.  It's not completely fun.  I love to paint, but I hate to prep.  But prep is necessary, it is not a step you can skip or just do quickly.

We had lots of nails popping through.  Biker Boy pulled out the ones he could and replaced them with screws.  Let's just say he wasn't happy that the contractor went the route of nails, but we weren't surprised either.  It's terrible when a fairly new house requires work like this.

Oh, the kids helped pick the winning color.  We're doing all the walls in the house with Valspar Paint.  (3 rooms done, a whole bunch more to go eventually.)  The winner for the school room was Halcyon Blue, 5001-3A.  And the ceilings are eventually going from the beige wall color to Olympic Paint ceiling white.  We like light and bright ceilings.  And apparently I like shades of gray and blue for the walls.  Scooter has gray walls.  The hallway has some gray.  Oh...Chewy has yellow walls...with some gray and pink.

Moving on...

I did the Peel Stop layer (you can read more about that here) for our peeling paint.  As the kids said, "It's like putting almond milk on the walls."  It looks like almond milk and it's thin like almond milk.  But it sure doesn't smell like almond milk.  Smelling like almond milk would be an improvement.

After all the steps of: scrapping the walls, washing the walls, spackling the walls, washing again, and peel stopping....I was finally able to get the paint.  Hurrah!  I would work on a wall in the morning and Chewy would help me.  I would work on a wall in the evening and Scooter would help me. It took me 3 days to get the first coat up on the walls. Thankfully Biker Boy helped me with the second coat and we were able to whip it out in under 2 hours.  I would cut in and he would roll.  We make a good team.  The dog even helped out by gaining entry to the room and putting his feet up on the wall and leaving paw prints (the photo below is before painting, but shows you what he likes to do).  Luckily I had a drop cloth covering the carpet or there would have been paw prints on the carpet.

And here are the "after" photos.  It's a lovely shade of light blue/gray.  Scooter looked at it and said, "It's the same color as my room."  It's not.  But it almost looks like it.  It's got a wee bit more blue in it, while Scooter's room has a wee bit more gray to it.  But they look very similar.  The beige on the trim and doors drives me nuts now...I wish it was white.  But it'll stay cream/beige.  Cause there's just not enough time.

The treadmill use to be in this room, but has to be relocated.  It sat out in our big open room while the school room was being painted.  I wanted it to go in the master bedroom, but it won't fit through the door without disassembling it.  Boo.  Biker Boy suggesting leaving it in the big room, but it felt like a big black light sucking hole in the big room.  I didn't like it.  So I did more furniture rearranging.  The kids and I emptied out the lone bookshelf in our entry hall. (Most of the books have to go to the school room anyway.)  I lugged the big bookshelf to the master bedroom and the treadmill now resides in the entry hall where that bookshelf use to be.  I can just push it into the main room when I want to run and watch TV.  Not exactly styling...but it works for us.  I use that treadmill at least 3 times a week in the winter, so it's got to stay.

The kids enjoyed looking at books for nearly an hour after emptying the bookshelf.  There were quite a few they had forgotten were in the bookshelf.  I'm so happy that they like books so much!

And next...bookshelf hunting.  Cause the homeschool room (it's still a guest room) is a disaster with hundreds of books lying on the floor.  And I just ordered a few more science books for our science curriculum!

Anyone else painting?

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