Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Cat Pee Gone

No more cat pee smell!  It's lovely.  Plus the new floor is lovely.

Remember the cat pee?  It's why we ripped up our carpet and went to buy some new flooring for the master bedroom.

We got the new flooring down over the weekend.

All the trim was removed and I got the lovely job of scraping all the caulk off of it.  But on the other hand...I'm finally going to get some of the white trim that I've dreamed of.  Good-bye cream trim!  And then I have a whole house to finish some day.  Uff.

Biker Boy laid the vapor barrier.  The kids did their best to get in the way help. The dog too.

The room was looking all blue, kinda like a swimming pool.

Then Biker Boy got to laying the floor.  The box says its easy installation.  That click in place kind.  Ya Right.  It took a lot of man handling, wiggling, cohersing, begging, heavy breathing, and shoving to get it into place.  Once we got the hang of it, it got easier. A little easier.  We would wiggle the long ends into place and hope they clicked in.  If they didn't we had to use a scrap board and a hammer and whap those boards together.  Then we'd have to hit on the small end of the board to get it to click with the other small end.  Yikes.  And the boards moved a whole lot.  Plus, I never realized how many boards (we used hand-scraped laminate) were identical.  I started to get very particular about what boards were where.  It was a puzzle.  And oh, how those connected boards could move when getting hit!

That's why I got the extremely hard job of standing on the board while the other board was being banged into place.  Note that wearing sandals while working is not recommended.  I may have hit my toe with the hammer once.  But Biker Boy hit his hand with the hammer at least 3 times and is sporting some pretty purple on one hand.  Laying floor is a dangerous job, but someone's got to do it.

You really should start at the door, but Biker Boy didn't want to do that.  So it was a puzzle for him at the end, but he got it figured out.  Now the floor is oh so pretty.

Currently we're painting.  I did the Peel Stop layer yesterday morning, Biker Boy put the first coat of ceiling paint on last night, and I did the second coat early this morning.  Yippee, now we get to get on to the paint color.  Picking paint colors out freaks me out.  There are so many colors that are so close to each other, with just subtle differences.  So I once again put out my favorite paint chips.  The Chewy chose her favorite.  Then Scooter chose his favorite.  Bummer...they were different.  But not really...when I looked at the chips they had chosen, I realized I had accidentally put out 2 identical chips and the kids had chosen the same paint color.  And I went with that color after agonizing about it for a day.  It's called "Possibility" by Valspar.  We'll see what it looks like up on the wall.  So many possibilities.

At least this room is progressing faster than the homeschool room.  I think we're motivated by the fact that our bed is sitting in the middle of the living room.

Eventually we'll put laminate floors in the kids' rooms.  And they'll get the stuff from Costco.  Thinner boards have to be easier to lay than thicker ones, right?  Flooring tips?

Oh, the cat has adjusted very well to her new life living on the back porch and in the garage.  She's actually a very friendly kitty now....most of the time.  The kids can even pet her now.  It's a vast improvement over her evil temperament.  When we leave to go somewhere, we'll roll up the area rugs, shut all the doors to rooms,  and leave her in the tiled main room.  Hopefully she won't pee on too much. 

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