Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Caulking Trim The Easy Way

Yep, my husband is a genius.  I'm his wife and I can think highly of him.  And I do, all the time. He's the best.  And the smartest.  And the handsomest. 

So after ripping out carpet....

Installing wood laminate....

We got to paint....

Then it was time to put that trim back on (after I painted it white...hooray for white!).

Biker Boy got the caulk gun and went after the trim.  You know where you squeeze it into the space, then wipe the excess with a paper towel (or your finger).  Biker Boy got tired of how much caulk that was wasting and how it went up on the nicely painted wall. 

So he found a syringe.  Those kind that they give you to dispense medicine to kids.  We may have quite a few of those laying due to medicine some children may have taken in the past.

So Biker Boy pumped caulk into that syringe.  Then he put it next to the crack near the trim/wall joint and pushed that caulk in.  It filled that crack perfectly and there was hardly an excess to wipe.  Biker Boy ran his finger over the joint to smooth the caulk...and wah lah...perfect caulking.   Biker Boy got about 8 feet of trim done with one filling of the syringe.  Not bad.  He'd also use a dap from the syringe to fill the nail holes.

It looked like so much fun that even the kids wanted in on the action.

Here they are waiting for Daddy to fill it up.

Scooter got a turn.

Chewy got a turn.

And Daddy was so patient with them, because their technique wasn't quite the same as Daddy's.  But they couldn't make too much of a mess with the small amount of caulk that was dispensed.  Daddy did the touching of the caulk, so the kids weren't exposed to touching those bad chemicals. 

So that's our new secret to caulking...using a syringe.

Do you have any handy tips too?

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