Thursday, July 18, 2013

Chaos in the House

The room is done.  But it was chaos getting there.  But, apparently chaos is normal around here.

The homeschool room took the brunt of the mess.  Right after we got that room in shape and it had put the rest of the house into chaos.  Pay back.

Trim in the main room.  A few of us tripped over it. Plus boxes of laminate flooring.

Furniture put wherever.  Shelf in the hall  It made a nice drink holder for when we were working on the room.

Bed in the main room. The kids thought this was their own personal trampoline in the house.  Or their very own play area.  And a comfy place to watch "Curious George."

And they thought our bedroom was their own skating floor when the laminate was down and we didn't have furniture in it yet.  The kids were sad they missed out on painting.  We did it at night after they went to bed or I would do it in the morning before they got up.  And they still request to "skate" in our room with the furniture in it.

We eventually got our bed back in there.  In the middle of the room, so we could work on trim.  Yippee!!  I was getting so confused every night when I would wake up in the middle of the living room.

We put furniture back in the other day.  I love it!  There's a whole lot of wood going on, since our furniture is wood (and we use to have carpet, not wood floor)...but oh well.  It's such a pretty room with the wood floor, white trim, and light walls.  I love it!  Biker Boy shook his head at me knowingly (and lovingly) when I made him relocate his dresser so I could have a blank wall to do portraits.  Yep...I've got my own little studio in there!

Here's the paint.  It's hard to tell that it has any color.  It's Valspar Possibility.  It's suppose to be a light gray with green undertones.  But it looks like a really light blue/gray when the light hits it.  You can tell next to the white ceiling that it has some color to it.  Kinda.  In a big room, it looks a lot lighter than it looks on a paint chip.  I guess that's a reason to paint those tester pots on your walls.  I may try that for our main room, but I'm happy with the kids' choice for this room.

I also painted all the trim white.  It's a hard transition at the door, but not too evident.  Can you see where the gray walls meet the white trim and then it's cream trim with cream walls?  That's the old color out in the main room, our whole house was that color.  Really, it's a bigger difference in real life.  Now I'm totally on the white trim bandwagon.  I'll be wielding a paint brush and in a decade I might have all the trim in the house white.

And how we got rid of cat pee and got a whole new room in the process.  I'm tired.  Biker Boy must be too.  He's a genius.  I'll have to show you his new way of caulking soon.

Anyone else have chaos in their house?

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