Tuesday, July 16, 2013

DIY Baby Burp Clothes

Do you sew?

I can sew a straight line, some of the time.  That's about it.  But I like to try to tame my sewing machine that knows how to push my buttons.

Any hoo...I've had this burp cloth tutorial pinned on my Pinterest DIY Gift page for a bit. And I'm not one to pin stuff and not use it.  All that stuff will be used or has been used.  So it was time to try out that baby burp cloth tutorial since I had 3 baby gifts to get ready.  Aren't they pretty?

Here's a link to the tutorial.  I won't show you all that I did, because well, there are about 5 thousand and one burp cloth tutorials out there.  Or you could just go to etsy.com and search "burp cloth" and find 10 thousand and one homemade burp cloths for sale.  Ones that are better than mine.  But also cost a lot more.  Seriously...I'm ashamed to even tell you how much these cost a piece.  I don't want the people I'm gifting these to to think I'm being cheap on them.  Actually, I've got a bit of time invested in these burp clothes and lots of love. 

So the kids and I made trip to Hobby Lobby and they helped me pick out some fleece fabric, printed cotton fabric, and a lucky flannel discount score from the clearance bin.  It also helped that the blue and green fleeces were clearance scores and the kind lady knocked the price in half again for me because they had marks on them (which came out in the wash!).  A couple of the printed fabrics were also in the clearance bin, so I made out well on yards and yards of fabric (10 to be exact, I'll be able to make loads of burp cloths). 

Just like the tutorial, I cut my burp clothes to 10 inches by 18 inches.  But I made myself a handy template out of cardboard.

Then I had an eager volunteer who wanted to cut fabric.  Love that girl.  She only messed up once on the yellow flannel, but we were able to patch it and those ones are actually some of my favorites.  (You'll see them soon.)

I also didn't sew the burp cloth into thirds like the directions.  I did one like that, then I asked Chewy which way she liked the cloths better...and she chose the none sewed ones.  So I did that.  Good thing, because I was running low on thread by the time I whipped 12 of these up.  I decided to gift people with 4 of these, instead of the more common 3. 

I again had an eager volunteer who helped flip the burp cloths right side out.  She's quite the little designer. She helped pick out and pair the fabrics.  Plus she cut out the little heart patches to cover her mistake cutting.  And she cut those out free-handed!  Yes, I'm may be her mama, but I think she's the most talented little girl. 

Here's a close up look at the girl versions.  These are the printed cotton sides.  The other side has that yummy pink bubble minky fleece.  That stuff is so soft.  My kids may have been hugging various amounts of it in the store.  (Yes, I'm stereotypical and proud of it.  Pink, pink, pink!)

Here's one boy version.  Two have blue fleece with yellow flannel backs and two have the blue fleece with orange cotton backs.

Another boy version.  Don't you love the little heart patches?  They're too cute.  These ones are the same as the ones above, except green flannel, instead of the blue.

Anyone else whipping up easy DIY baby gifts?  Well, I guess the "easy" is a relative term.  These only include sewing straight lines, but they do take time.  And that fleece fabric doesn't like to stay put when I'm sewing.  It was driving me nuts.  And it's probably due to the fact that I hate using 101 pins in a single burp cloth, so I don't.  I'm a rebel, I don't pin.  I use those office paper fasteners to clip a few spots.  So much easier, but the fabric does tend to move...so I have to be diligent in watching it.

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