Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Painted Pet Rocks

Yes, yes, I know.  Painting rocks is nothing new.  There are probably 2.2 million posts out there on painting rocks.

But that's because it rocks.  Oh, I'm so puny.

Yes, painting rocks, ROCKS!

A little while back we collected some smooth river rocks that someone must have dumped at one time when they put in fill dirt to pave our road.  Big rocks and little rocks.  To make pet rocks.

Then we got out our paint and painted away.

The kids were very serious about this endeavor.  They seriously rocked this project.  (How many times can I say "rock"?)  Rock, rock, rockedy, rock.

Rocked, rocked, rocked.  That starts to look funny the more I type it. Rocked.  Rock.  Rocks.  Rocking.  Yep, looks funny.

I even painted rocks.  My skills seriously rock.  (I hope you're not taking me seriously anymore.)  Rock it baby.

Chewy rocked the paint.

Scooter rocked the paint.

And the dog did not get painted.  I repeat...the dog was not rocking the paint.  Lucky dog...this time.  He's been chalked before.  And bike greased.  

Then we hid the rocks around our property in the gardens.  It's like an Easter Egg hunt out there.  And they added some color to our seriously brown landscape.  (Thank goodness for some's finally greening up here in the desert.)

And that is how we rocked the pet rock project. Oh, and did you notice how we painted quite a few rocks with animals and such?  I especially like Chewy's duck and Scooter's lady bug.

What are you rocking?

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