Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Creating Falling Leaves

Just a quickie.  I thought I'd share an art project the kids and I did.  It's nothing super creative or new.  I'm pretty sure it's probably been done countless ways.  Coffee filters are a ninja art thing.  They can do so much and kick butt. And putting markers or paint on coffee filters and spraying them with water is not new.  But it's fun.

Since we don't have a multitude of large deciduous trees in our yard (we have a few oaks, pines, and lots of other allergy inducing things), we decided to make our own pretty leaves.

We used our Do A Dot Art Markers and some watercolor markers.  We dotted the coffee filters and just drew lines.  Then we hung them outside on our fence.  I didn't want water everywhere in the house.  The kids and I took turns spraying the coffee filters with a spray bottle.  We sprayed until water started running off the coffee filters and the colors started mixing like tie dye.  Pretty.

Then we let the coffee filters get wind blown.  When they were dry we traced a couple of leaf templates on a coffee filter.  We stacked 3 or 4 filters together and cut, that way we weren't cutting more than we needed to.  (That was my idea...the kids wanted to cut more than they needed to.)

We then taped the leaves on a piece of string.  The string got taped to our big picture window in our dining room.  It needs to be cleaned.  Ignore the dirt and look at the pretty falling leaves.  There are 4 strands total hanging in the window.  My collage cut out a couple.  Oh well.

Anyone getting out to see the pretty fall leaves?

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