Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The Adventures of Larry the Gumpkin: Meet Larry

I normally try not to repeat stuff from blog to blog.  (This blog and my photography blog).  But sometimes, I've just gotta.  This is something fun that the kids and I are doing.  Or maybe I just think it's fun and the kids go along with it.  But Chewy sure does like to dress Larry up.  She's even made him a tie-dyed shirt and pants.  I should really take a photo of that.

No need to jump to my photography blog...I've copied it all right here for you so that you can join in on our photography fun with our gumpkin.

Time for some fun with the camera and photography. Although, photography is fun all the time. Let's just do something fun. With a squash. Meet Larry. He's our Gumpkin.


Larry popped up as a one of kind squash in our garden this year. His seed was taken from a pumpkin we grew last year. Though Larry is nothing at all like his Mommy pumpkin. His Daddy was probably a yellow gourd that we grew last year. So Larry is affectionately known as a "Gumpkin" in our household. And his name Larry is an ode to Larry the Cucumber from "Veggie Tales." Appropriately, "Veggie Tales" are Larry the Gumpkin's favorite shows. Oh, and Larry is a He. A Him. He just seemed like a "Him" to us.


My children and I have had fun toting Larry around and taking him on some adventures. You'll see some of those in the upcoming weeks. And Larry is a little bit curious. He's kinda like an "Elf on the Shelf." He's just a fall thing, not a Christmas thing. My kids find Larry in all sorts of situations around the house. My, my...the things Larry gets into. Stay tuned for those too. This is my photographic challenge....Larry. He has a long attention span, he just doesn't do much or move much. Plus, I don't have to bribe him.


Photo Assignment: Capture Larry. Stay tuned for "The Adventures of Larry."

What fun things came out of your garden this year?

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