Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Christmas Recap and Happy New Year's

Happy New Year's Eve.  I've just gotten use to writing 2013 on things and now I have to start writing 2014.  I think time goes faster the older my children get.

I've got a couple of collages of our Christmas Eve and Christmas morning.  I set the "big camera" up on the tripod and connected the remote.  We all just took turn pushing the button.  The kids loved it.  You'll see the remote in their photos below.


It was a quiet Christmas at home since we celebrated with family earlier.  We took our neighbor to church on Christmas Eve and then came home to eat some appetizers and snacks.  We opened some presents from family.  The kids each got $6 to spend on each other this year.  (They get to spend an amount equal to the age of the youngest child.)  Chewy got Scooter a magic card set.  Scooter got Chewy a doll outfit because she had requested "a shirt for her bear."  Both were hits. 


It was just a nice lazy day at home.  We got up around 7.  I'm not sure how long the kids were up before us, but they were tiptoeing around the Christmas tree when we got up. There was a new guitar under the tree for the kids.  (I have to call today to arrange their lessons!  They both want to take guitar lessons!)  There were lots of books...MadLibs, Peanuts comics, Garfield comics, Lego books.  That was about it.  The boy did get a remote controlled Jeep and the girl got an outfit with a matching doll outfit. We had a lovely breakfast of cherry coffee cake and scrambled eggs.  Dinner was yummy too.  And then we joined another neighbor for dessert.

Oh, there's our 2013 Christmas tree.  Actually there's two.  I didn't get way down into the valley to get our usual Ponderosa tree.  I picked these 2 up at Home Depot for way less than what I usually spend on a Ponderosa pine.  But I'm not sure how these will do in our land.  They say they are drought tolerant, but you never know.  And one of them can't tolerate cold too well and sometimes it can get pretty cold here.  So we'll see.  So far we've only had one tree die since 2007. 

And for New Year's Eve...we'll be in bed at 10pm.  It'll be midnight somewhere!  We're such big party people.  What are you up to?

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