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Free Elementary Science Curriculum for Homeschool: Weeks 13-16

Here's an overview of weeks 13-16.  We're done with Life Science.  These weeks start Earth Science! 

You can catch up on the previous weeks here:
Weeks 1-4
Weeks 5-8
Weeks 9-12

The links for this weeks PDF documents (Google Drive) can be found here:

Link to Lesson Plan Weeks 13-16
Link to Student Worksheets Weeks 13-16

These will be short and sweet overviews again.  I've been so busy with the holidays and traveling...weeks 13-16 took us longer than 4 weeks.  I really haven't had time to proof read these documents.  It's free, so you really can't complain too much!  If I have time over the summer, I'll proof read the whole thing and organize it a little better.  But I think I've determined that I'm writing another science curriculum for my kids next year.  I know...I'm crazy.  I may rethink that idea later on, but right now I'm excited about it.  I love that my kids are getting exposed to way more science than they did in public school.  (No offense to the school...we loved it there...I use to volunteer and I know how busy the teachers are.) 

As with the other weeks...each week has 2-4 topics.  I list pages of books that we own and read along with those topics.  But you don't have to read those books.  Just choose any book that relates to the topic of the day.  The library is your best friend!  We visit ours once a week and get books that relate to the topic (some I list in the curriculum and some I don't.)  Or find an article online or website that relates to the topic, I do give some suggestions.

Week 13: Astronomy - The Sun & Planets

This is a basic overview of the universe, sun, and the planets in our solar system.  We ended with making a model of the solar system.  Minus Pluto.  Cause Pluto has been demoted since I was in school.  It's a dwarf planet now.

Week 14: Astronomy - Dwarf Planets, The Moon, Stars & Space Rocks

Outer space is just so much fun!  Hard to actually do real hands-on stuff, but we can do some stuff.  Collect space rocks, look at the moon phases, and put stars on our ceiling.  We actually still have to put up the stars, the kids can hardly wait.  Biker Boy has to put a ceiling fan up in Chewy's room...so we're waiting until the ladder is in the house and we can do it then.  Plus the kids have to keep the floor of their room clean in order to put up the stars...good motivation to keep their rooms clean!  Make some star cookies...that's a yummy experiment!

Week 15: Planet Earth - Seasons & Inside the Earth

We studied what causes seasons (hello...Sesame Street and Bill Nye videos!) and we studied the layers of the Earth.  The Play-doh model of the Earth was a hit.  Our play doh earth crust even cracked and had plates (relates to week 16).

Week 16: Planet Earth - Earthquakes, Mountains, Volcanoes & Caves

We just touched each subject a little bit.  The Magic School Bus "Inside the Earth" and the Planet Earth "Caves" DVD were big hits.  We live in the mountains, so that's familiar to us.  We also live by some extinct volcanoes.  Real life stuff.  And we've visited a few caves in the past couple of years (one this past summer), so the kids could relate to the lesson.  If you get a chance, visit a cave in the future!  Here's a link to our visit to Carlsbad Caverns  and a visit to some ancient lava flows.  Oh, the cave experiment with the epsom salt water...I tried 3 different strings. Only one worked.  Heads up for you on that..try a few different types if you do that lab.

There's another 4 weeks for you!  On to the next 4 weeks.  Rivers, Waterfalls, Oceans, Minerals, Rocks, Fossils, and the start of 2 weeks on weather.  I think we're going to have to plan a field trip to the natural history museum soon!  I'd take the kids hunting for invertebrate and plant fossils in the mountains, but I think they're still under snow!

What have you been up to in the past 4 weeks or more?


  1. We have been using your science curriculum, now in the middle of weeks 5-8, we are truly enjoying your fruits of labor. Once again thank you!

    1. Thank you! I hope you and your kids are having fun with science! You've motivated me to keep working on this. We're on week 19 and I'm just trying to stay ahead of the kids! :) I should have the next batch of lessons up in a couple of weeks.


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