Thursday, January 30, 2014

This Week

Time is flying.

This week we had our 100th day of school.  We had "100" pancakes.  No, we didn't eat one hundred pancakes.  We'd be so sick.  The pancakes were shaped as "100."
The kids are officially signed up for soccer.  I act all excited for them.  But I'm unsure about it.  Everyone does soccer.  And I've never been one to do stuff cause everybody else is doing it.  But the kids will love it and have fun and they'll be with lots of other kids.  Oh, I was also never any good at team sports.  Hopefully my children don't take after me.  I know absolutely NOTHING about soccer.  I hit the library soccer shelf this week.  Did I mention that I'm an assistant soccer coach for Chewy's team?  No joke.  Although, I might be a joke.

We're waiting for snow.  It's January.  It's supposedly snowing somewhere, just not here.  We're suppose to be snowboarding, not riding bikes in January.  But we did get to take a family ride for our first time with 2 tandems.  The boys need the dog and a ton of bricks on their bike to slow them down.  Or else they can throw me a rope.  I'm so out of shape for biking.
The kids took "selfies" for the annual Valentine's card.  Be ready family.  It's a coming.  I ordered them tonight.  Though it says 8-10 business days to arrive.  Hopefully you'll have them for Valentine's day.

The kids had their 3rd guitar lesson this week.  They're actually picking it up pretty quickly and have taught both Biker Boy and I how to play.  Biker Boy had played for awhile, but he's a chord player.  The kids have taught him notes.  And I can now play "Ode to Joy."  Convenient...since we started studying Beethoven in school.

Tomorrow is science lab day.  We're going to crush cans using air pressure.  It's gonna be fun!  It's week 20 of science, which means I've got to get a science plan up next week.  And I'd like to write about how school is going after 100 days.  We're making a few changes.  Scooter is going to be doing a new math program.  And I'm researching like crazy on what to do for language arts next year.  The kids want to do homeschooling again next year.  

And before I sign off for the evening, how about a little playing with Legos?  We like to play with Legos in this house.

What have you been up to?

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