Monday, August 18, 2014

Summer Vacation 2014 Recap

So I've been neglecting this blog this summer. Since today is the first day of school, I thought I should catch up on some of our summer happenings.  It went fast.  We had some vacations and lots of fun.  I don't know where time went.  Biker Boy was sick practically the whole month of July, so that was a bummer and cut down on some of the stuff we usually do.  I tried to have "Fun With Mama Day" with the kids once a week.  Sometimes I would surprise them with things and other times they would get to pick. 

I thought I would quickly post some photos of our trips, with captions on some of them.  Hopefully I'll catch up on homeschool stuff soon.  I've been busier than normal with photography, so that blog takes preference.  (Plus it makes me a little money to cover some expenses, so that's a bonus!  I may have to raise my rates for sessions, so I get a little less business!  Kidding...kinda.). 

First was a trip to Florida to visit family.  That was a real highlight of the summer.  The kids loved getting to spend time with their little cousin!  And we're anxiously awaiting some new ones! 

That bird seriously loves kids.  It will sing to them and fly on their heads.  It doesn't do that with adults.

The kids got lots of pool time!

We even got a trip to the ocean!  It was wonderful!

The beach was full of shells!

Someone was about to lose her first top tooth!  She's now sporting a big gap where two top teeth are missing.  That is going to make for some adorable school pics!

Cupcake baking with Grandma!

Next was a camping trip.  Biker Boy was sick before this and had signed up to do an endurance mountain bike ride.  Well, he thought he was getting better.  He wasn't.  He cut his ride short and we cut our camping trip short.  Poor guy.  Luckily, he seems to be getting back to himself now.  He did an endurance ride near us (the shortest one he could) and did just fine.  Plus, he's keeping up with me running again!  Here's highlights of our Southern Colorado camping trip. If you look at my photography blog, you may have already seen these ones.  So I'm not going to comment on them.  Saves me time!

I love this one!

With Biker Boy feeling better, we finally got in a camping trip.  We hit a state park with a lake.  It was super low and there were fish hooks everywhere, but it was fun.  We did some biking and hiking.  After 2 nights we moved on to a place north of Pagosa Springs, CO.  It was so beautiful!  There were wild flowers everywhere and we had a camping spot on the creek all to ourselves.  We mountain biked and hiked.  On our last day we took the kids to the hot springs for a treat!  We dipped in the hot pools and swam in the big pool.

Full moon, almost!

If the water level was higher, we would have had a campsite on the lake!

The water should have been closer to these pillars.  This is from our campsite.

A vacation with water is the best!

Suspension bridge on our hike!

Add caption

Creek by our second campsite.

Epic ride!  The longest one for the kids and my longest one in awhile, offroad!  We did 20 miles!  It was suppose to be 15, but somehow we  messed up.

I thought it was cute how he would help her across the deeper areas and the areas with more current.  So sweet.

It rained a wee bit on our way to the falls, but was sunny once we got there.  We only added an extra quarter mile on to our hike with walking in circles looking for the falls.

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Our third campsite of the trip.  Right on the river.

This fire made up for all the ones we tried to start with wet wood!

 An extra bonus this summer was finding some caterpillars on our dill plants in the garden.  We collected the caterpillars and put them in our butterfly keeper from school last year.  Those things were tiny to start with, but ate a ton and grew huge!  I ended up having to buy parsley from the store to keep them fed!  We did our research and discovered we had Swallowtails and they'll eat dill and parsley.  We raised about 16 caterpillars.  About 12 went into a chrysallis.  When we got home from our trip, we had 7 butterflies!  We released them into our butterfly/hummingbird garden and left the butterfly keeper outside (and unzipped) so that the rest could fly free. 

Today is the first day of school for us.  I'm sure I'll have photos later.  Plus updates on what we're doing for my own benefit of keeping track of stuff.  Hope you all had a fun summer! 

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