Thursday, September 18, 2014

My Father's World - Exploring Countries and Cultures Weeks 3 & 4

On to a recap of Weeks 3 and 4!

Week 3 found us learning about North Amercia and more specifically, the United States.  It was hopefully review for the kids since we studied the United States last year.

We started the week with some more "school portraits."  I practiced one more time on the kids and got some photos of them.

We enjoyed doing some Sand Art.  This was the Navajo Sand Painting from the Global Art book that we are using.  The kids enjoyed it.  I was having them do it on some wood pieces that had word art on them (from my bathroom before we painted it).  I didn't anticipate the words showing through, I thought the sand would cover it.  Oh well.  The kids had fun and the sand art is sitting on their shelves in the school room.  Right next to a fancy plaque that Daddy got for one of his patents.

The kids worked on 2 pages of their fairy tale that we were working on last school year.  Someday we'll get that thing done!

As usual, for science, I added in a few visual things.  We watched the Magic School Bus "Gets Planted" to go with learning about forests.  We also watched Planet Earth "Seasonal Forests."  We continued listening to "The Best School Year Ever" by Barbara Robinson.

The kids are both reading chapter books for a book report.  They also filled out a page that looked like a newspaper and they had to put in information about themselves.  I add a few things in to the curriculum here and there.  This is a photo of Scooter reading, though not of his book report book.

I guess I didn't take too many photos.  Moving on.

Week 4 had us still learning about the United States.  At the end of the week we celebrated with some food made from the "A Trip Around the World" book that is used with the curriculum.  The kids made a Southwest Dip and a Grits Casserole.  We enjoyed it with some pulled pork and bbq sauce.  We had pumpkin pie to finish off our American meal.  Plus, we wore Hawaiian leis, because it's fun.

The kids started a typing program online.  They both enjoy it, which is pretty fantastic.  They only do it once or twice a week so far, when we have time.  It's a BBC program called Dance Mat Typing

For art, we did a self-selected activity.  Chewy chose it from some options I gave her.  We made some monster bookmarks, similar to the ones I found at this blog.

For science we added in watching the Magic School Bus "For Lunch" and "Goes Cellular."  The kids are very good at recalling what they watched and answering the worksheets I have for them later.  I need to make some more worksheets for upcoming episodes!

The kids put their new typing skills to use when they typed out their final draft of their Personal Narrative. This was part of their English Curriculum (Bob Jones 4).

They read their narratives out loud to us after our American Dinner Celebration.  We even took videos of them reading their narratives.  These are just the photos, with really bad light from the flash.  Hello, red eyes!  They both did very well with reading their narratives to us.  I couldn't stop smiling!

In other news, we made Homemade Marshmallows for the first time!  I think we'll be making more in the future!  I wrote about the experience on my photography blog, in case you have nothing else to do and want to read more and get the link to the recipe.

We also did our yearly photo by the aspen tree.  Everyone sure has grown, except for Biker Boy and I!  Have I not put up photos of this from the past couple of years?  Because I know I took photos, but I can't find any blog posts with them.  Here's one from 2011 that has all the photos we've taken since 2007.  That tree keeps growing.  At least I chose the one that is still alive and not the one that died!

That's been the last two weeks of school. We're into week 5 and having a blast, most of the time!  What about you?

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