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My Father's World - Exploring Countries and Cultures Weeks 7 & 8

I thought I just wrote about weeks 5 & 6 a couple of days ago.  How am I into week 9, nearly 10 and I haven't recapped 7 & 8?  I need a pause button.  Forget that easy button.  Someone get me a pause button. 

And smack this fanatical photographer like crazy....I barely photographed my children during these weeks.  What is up with that?'s photographer syndrome.  You know how April is crazy for tax accountants, October is like that for photographers.  And I'm not even a professional with an actual job.  But I shot 4 families in 4 days.  (Shot as in photographed....just in case you were wondering).  I still have half of those photos to finish...but those are gifts, so I guess the families don't mind waiting. 

Alright, for the sake of trying to write down what we are covering this year.  Let's get on with the recap.

Week 7 & 8 found us finishing up North America.

Week 7

We ventured into Canada.  Eh.  People sometimes think Biker Boy is from Canada because of his accent.  I don't hear it.  But, eh, maybe.  The kids love using our talking globe (smart globe?) to find out about the countries we are studying.  Glad Biker Boy was able to fix it.  The poor thing was on the fritz before school started. 

We tried Inuit Soap Carving this week.  If you've been reading our school recaps, have you noticed a trend with the art stuff?  We've been having big time fails.  Again, we had a big time fail.  I mean, I was even excited about trying to carve a piece of soap into a polar bear or something and it wasn't workingout.  Chewy was done first the day we had art, so she eagerly went to work on the soap while Scooter was working on math.  I had to show her how to carefully push the soap away from her.  We used Ivory (cheapest stuff that Biker Boy could find on one of his shopping trips with the kids).  Well, it didn't take too long before Chewy was nearly in tears because her bar of soap broke.  So I gave her mine.  Guess what happened to that one?  Yep, it broke too.  Scooter didn't even attempt his soap carving.  He's not as into crafty stuff as Chewy is.  We put his soap into an Operation Christmas Child box, it'll be much more useful in there. 

For our viewing pleasure this week we watched Magic School Bus episodes of "Meets the Rot Squad" and "Gets Eaten." 

We started reading Indian in the Cupboard together. This is my own addition for our reading time.  The kids take turns reading pages to me out of chapter everyday.  (We try to read it 3-4 times a week, with self-choice on the other days).  We write vocabulary words out of each chapter and look them up in the dictionary.  They also either have a question to answer or a picture to draw each day about the previous chapter they read.  A question such as "What toy would you put into the magic cupboard and have it come alive?  Why?"  (It didn't have to be plastic in our cupboard).  Anyone care to guess what Chewy would have come alive? 

Week 8

Still in Canada.  We finished the week off with a Canadian meal.  And I have no photographic evidence of it.  I totally forgot.  We ate some meat dish with corn and mashed potatoes on top.  We had french bread with butter.  Then we made the desserts from the book we had.  Chewy helped make some Canadian Blue Berry Dessert and we had it with vanilla ice cream and maple syrup. 

Our art project for the week was Maple Leaf Prints.  Except we live in an area where maple trees are rare.  Really rare.  So we went on a nature walk through our yard and collected leaves off trees in our yard to make the prints. And we didn't do the prints in the way that the art book wanted us to.  We used crayons to make tracings of the leaves.  It was a short and sweet project and the kids loved it.  Yay for one successful art project. 

We did one science experiment with celery and it was easy.  I was I had more time to incorporate more science experiments. The kids love the hands on stuff.  I think I did a lot of science with them last year, so much that they have a hard time remembering what we did. 

We only watched one Magic School Bus this week, it was "Gets Ants in its Pants." 

In other events, we've been getting out hiking and biking.  We got up into the mountains at least a few times to enjoy the fall weather and colors.  It sure has been a beautiful fall.  We attempted the balloon glow for the fourth time and for the fourth time were not able to see it.  Just isn't meant to be, I guess. We had a canceled field trip to the Pumpkin Patch, but it got rescheduled for Week 9, so more on that later.  I even managed to take both kids ice skating on my own!  Chewy, of course, was the expert and showed us how to do everything.  Scooter was skating circles by the end and I was able to remember most of the things I had learned in lessons years ago.  It was much easier than roller skating!


We've now been studying South America.  Scooter had some friends meet him at the bike park to celebrate his birthday and that was a fun time.  We've got 2 busy weeks ahead of us!  Not sure when I'll be back to write here again.  You'll have to check out my photograph page at for some previews of the kids dressing up in a few days.  Here's hoping I can whip something up in Photoshop for this year. 

Hope you all are enjoying your weeks!  Until next time...

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