Sunday, November 30, 2014

My Father's World - Exploring Countries and Cultures Weeks 11 & 12

So, I've basically determined....I can't keep up.  I'm trying.  We're only on to week 14 in real life and I'm writing about weeks 11 and 12.  That isn't too bad.  I'm definitely not one of those blogging moms who can do everything.  And I can't even do the stuff I do that well.  Oh well.  I'm enjoying my kiddos!

Here's the quick recap of weeks 11 and 12.  I can barely remember what we did to write in their baby books.  So here goes nothing:

Week 11

We were still studying South America and Brazil.  For art Scooter chose to make a Hemp Rope Figure and Chewy chose to make a Carnival mask.  The mask was a success, the Rope Figure was a frustrating chore for Scooter.

For science we continued to study rain forests.  Our added Magic School Bus episodes were "Cracks A Yolk" and "Taking Flight."  The "Taking Flight" episode went along with finishing reading about Nate Saint, who was a missionary pilot.  I added a lab to go along with "Crack A Yolk."  We studied eggs and then dissected an egg to find the parts of it.  Luckily, I use to do this lab with my seventh graders when I was a teacher, so I was able to find that lab in my teaching materials and use it with the kids.

Week 11 ended our "trip" to South America.  I gave the kids a test on the countries and they were both able to locate all of the South American countries!  

We celebrated with a dinner of quinoa mixed with sweet potatoes and green peas.  For dessert we finished off with a Brazilian chocolate treat called Brigaderiros.  Yummy!  Your suppose to coat them in chocolate sprinkles, but we chose to put toasted coconut on them.  They were delicious!

In extracurricular activites, the kids each built an item out of Legos and then had to use the Lego Digital Designer to show how they built it.  We have to print those out this week and then each child will try to build the other's design from the directions they made.  Should be fun!

Chewy is practicing for a Christmas figure skating show.  She's also designing her own outfits and I've been sewing a few!  I've made a skirt and now we've made two dresses.  The black and yellowish one in the photo below was of Chewy's design.  She designs and I execute (meaning I sew it and try not to botch it...though the definition of "killing" is probably more suited to my sewing skills). 

Week 12

We entered Europe this week, specifically, we entered Norway.  The kids have some Norwegian heritage, so this was rather exciting for them.

Our art for this week included rosemaling.  Earlier the kids had picked out wooden objects at Hobby Lobby to rosemale.  Scooter chose a "pirate treasure chest" to keep his Lego figures in.  Chewy chose a small jewelry box with a mirror in it for her dolls.  We watched a YouTube video on rosemaling and looked at the family item that his been passed down to us that has rosemaling on it.  Then the kids went for it and pretty much painted however they wanted to.  They at least had fun doing it!  I'd call that a successful art project!

We added on the Magic School Bus episode of "Shows and Tells."  We're still reading "The Indian in the Cupboard" a couple of times week for reading.  The kids have really been enjoying that book.  Our audio listening slowed down, but we did listen to "The Great Brain." 

There...that's the recap of those two weeks!  I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!  We sure did and I'll hopefully recap that during my Weeks 13 and 14 recaps.  Hopefully.  No promises.  I've got three bazillion and one other things to do.  What a busy and fun time of the year!  Hope you have a great week!

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