Monday, January 12, 2015

My Father's World - Exploring Countries and Cultures Weeks 15 & 16

Playing catch up, once again.  The story of my life.

We're currently into week 19.  So I have a bit of catch up to play.  I'll have to catch up with the rest of the catch up stuff later. 

So, excuse my quickly typed...half thinked...half written...replay of our weeks.

Week 15

We will still in Europe and studying France.  We did get to build the Eiffel Tower out of Nanoblocks.  No photographic evidence.  I should take a photo of all the models the kids have done.  We're amassing quite the collection.  They are proudly displayed on a shelf in our school room. 

For art, we made profile silhouettes.  I put my own creative spin on the project.  We already had some silhouettes I made of the kids displayed in our photo hallway.  For this project, I put the kids in charge of making the silhouettes, but we put them on a tile.  We made the tile into a coaster that the kids use in their rooms to put their water bottles on.  So, the steps were:
  1. The kids took photos of each other.  Side profiles.
  2. We printed the photo out in a size that would work on the natural stone tile.
  3. The kids cut out the photo.
  4. They traced the photo on to black cardstock.
  5. The cut out the blackcard stock tracing.
  6. They glued the photo (with Modge Podge) to the tile.
  7. They slapped a coat of Modge Podge all over the tile.
  8. We let the tile dry and then put more Modge Podge on.  I think we did 4 or 5 coats.  
  9. Spray with a clear cover.  I think I still need to do that, but the tiles have held up so far.
  10. Cover the back with felt.

Another successful art project.  I find the successful ones are ones that we tweak.

On our last day of studying France we had crepes for breakfast.  Yum!  I made cooked apple pieces with cinnamon and butter to put in the crepes.

Our Magic School Bus viewing for the week included "Gets Energized" and "Gets Charged."

Week 16

Germany.  Yum.  Brats.

We entered Germany.  Our art project for the week was suppose to be beeswax modeling.  I again changed that.  I purchased a beeswax candle kit and the kids went to town making candles with some visiting Grandma help.  Okay, the boy didn't really want to to it.  He never wants to do the art projects that are assigned.  But I did get him to make one when I said he could make it look like a light saber.  There was a dual purpose in this art project.  It fell at a wonderful time to do an art project and make some handmade for Sunday school teacher and Children's church workers (plus lesson instructors, neighbors, grandparents, friends, etc).  We had plenty of candles to give away and quite a few left for our little family.  We've even been burning them.  So, I'd call that a successful art project.

Our alternate viewing for the week included watching "Planet Earth: Freshwater" because we were studying freshwater and the Magic School Bus episode of "In a Beehive."  That was to go with the beeswax.  I'm so good at planning those things out (sometimes). 

We even had a field trip to the science museum.  We'll have to do that again soon.

I'm seriously rethinking what we're doing next year for homeschooling.  I do that every year about this time.  I'm still scouring the web, reading reviews, marking down prices, and doing my research...and once again I think I figured out what we're doing next year.  And it's not what I thought we were going to be doing.  How's that for a cliffhanger?

How's your New Year going?  We're enjoying nearly every weekend on the ski slopes, though the snow is starting to get thin.  We're putting the boys being able to get free lift tickets to use this year.  And I can no longer keep up with the kids.  My daughter only started snowboarding a little bit last year and she's now faster than me.  The kids are kind enough to wait up for me at certain places.  But I'm sure I'll be on my own before I know it.  And that's okay, I knew that day would come. 

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