Wednesday, May 27, 2015

My Father's World - Exploring Countries and Cultures Weeks 27 & 28

Ummmm, I didn't realize two months had gone by.  Whoops.  Time flies.  The last day of school is tomorrow and I've got weeks of catching up to do.  Such is life.

So, let's make this quick.  Cause I've got bazillions of things to do, just like everyone else.

Week 27

We entered Japan.  Darn, the last time I wrote, I was still posting photos of snow.  Now it's rain.  It's suppose to be dry and hot here, but it's cold and wet.  Though, my plants are loving the rain.  I have some blooming that I thought had been dead for years!  Where was I?  Oh, Japan!

Ummm, it's really hard to remember when we're on week 36 and almost done.  I've got to check my notes.  Origami was the art for the week.  The girl loved it and the boy tried a couple.  Our Magic School Bus viewing included "Revving Up" and we watched Planet Earth's "Ocean Deep" to go with the science study of oceans.  We gave up on the Wee Sing songs, the kid's just weren't into it. 

We also celebrated someone's 8th birthday!! (I think that was this week.  I still have to label all my photos from that month.  Ahhhh!  I'm so behind!)

Week 28

Japan again.  The kids built a Japanese building out of nanoblocks.  I forget which one, cause we have a couple from Japan.  And I don't want to venture through the dark house to find out which one it was.  I don't think I have photographic evidence either.  Our Magic School bus viewing included "Goes to Mussel Beach" and "Gets Swamped."  We ended the Japan unit with some "Japanese" food.  The kids had fun shopping in the Japanese aisle at the grocery store.  We got ramen, rice crackers, and some Japanese candy for dessert. We also had shrimp and made some cabbage and egg "pancakes" that have some name that I can't remember at the moment.  This was the first time the kids ate ramen.  They weren't too impressed.  Daddy and I told them stories of our young days when we ate a lot of ramen, because it was cheap.  It's still cheap.  The kids were most impressed with their gift of stainless steel chopsticks.  They've been using those when they think of it.  They practiced on peanuts and had a competition to see how many peanuts they could pick up at one time.  The kids were happy to just get one.  Daddy won the competition, but he's had lots of practice from all his trips to China.  I didn't partake since I'm sensitive to peanuts.  At least I can still be near peanuts, maybe.  My reaction to them keeps getting worse and worse. Moving on....

That's it.  I know you can hardly wait for the rest of the year.  I know I can't.  (Typed with a sarcastic tone.)

One more day of school!  I'm so excited!  I've really been dragging these past couple of weeks!  The end of the year slump or something.  How about you?  Are you falling behind in stuff too?

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