Wednesday, June 3, 2015

My Father's World - Exploring Countries and Cultures Weeks 34-36

Let's finish up this school year!  We're enjoying our first full week of summer vacation and traveling into town everyday for swim lessons!  Soon we've got to get to the task of digging through the kids' bedrooms.  Time for summer clean-up!  Here's a recap of our last 3 weeks of second and fourth grade.  It's hard to believe I now have a third and fifth grader!

Week 34

We were still in Antarctica this week.  For art the kids made polymer clay penguins.  They both loved this project.  The girl made a regular penguin and the boy made a cyclops penguin, inspired by the Percy Jackson books. The kids later made other polymer figures that they have been playing with.  Our Magic School Bus viewing included "Gets Programmed."  We also got to go to a baseball game!

Week 35

We finished up with most of the stuff in the My Father's World curriculum and kind of coasted along the rest of the way.  We also had a vacation in the midst of this week, so we took a week off. We had our usual handwriting, spelling, math, and english assignments.  Our Magic School Bus viewing included "Get Ready, Get Set, Dough."

Week 36

We were just so excited to get through this week and finishing our final testing!  The kids did a wonderful job this year and tried really hard (most of the time).  We had personal homemade pizzas and root beer floats to celebrate the last day.  The kids went over their report cards with Daddy and were rewarded with getting to pick out a Lego minifigure and some accessories.  We finished off the evening with a fun tractor/trailer ride through the neighborhood.  We had to pick up the tractor from the grandparent's house and since the trailer was attached, the kids and I got to take a ride in it.  I almost wished I had my camera.  It was delightful to see the pure childhood joy on their faces as we rode up the street to our house.

Now we're on to summer break and I'm still getting things ready for next year.  I think I have everything ordered, except for a few enrichment items that aren't necessary.  I'm still working hard at writing a science curriculum.  It's a lot of work!  What are you hard at work at?

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