Friday, December 18, 2015

Lego Minifigure Christmas Countdown Day 18

December 18.
The Minifigures are helping with some Christmas treats.
I think we're suppose to bag them up.  The treats, not the Minifigures.
And we have stickers to put on the bags.  How thoughtful.
I think these dudes are doing a little product placement.  #Dovedarkchocolate #M&Ms #Marscandy
They weren't paid for it.  Really.  Honestly.
Though, I bet they would appreciate a little chocolate.  This little dude is breaking into some.
Yum, I could use a chocolate pretzel.  They look divine. 
Thank you, Minifigures! can find the recipe for the easiest chocolate pretzels ever in a post I did a long time ago here.  We make these every year!

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