Friday, December 4, 2015

Lego Minifigure Christmas Countdown Day 4

The Lego Minifigs were at it again.  They're helping to countdown the days to Christmas.

December 4.

They attempted to clean the kids' bathroom.

They apparently gave up.  I don't blame them.  There's a sign telling the kids to "Clean Your Bathroom."

Luke is fishing. 

An octopus and crab somehow made it in the sink.

Captain Jack is floating without an oar.  At least he has a yellow floatie.

Han Solo (I think that's him), at least has an oar...and a map to somewhere.  Oh, he's also got a surfboard.  He shouldn't look so serious.  It must be hard to row a foil boat in a sink.

I wonder what the minifigs will do for tomorrow in their effort to help get ready for Christmas?

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