Thursday, November 17, 2016

Updating the Bench Post

It's time I start trying to show this blog a little more love. It falls to the wayside in the midst of life. I thought I would start by trying to update my top post. The post is on how to build an easy bench.
I have since painted the bench white.  We also rounded the sharp corners with a router to avoid as many bumps and bruises.  The bench lies in the main part of our house.  Right between the laundry room (where we enter the house) and the entryway (where guests enter the house).  It's on the walkway to the kitchen and pretty much resides in the "living room."  We have a very open floor plan, so it's seen from everywhere in the house.  Our laundry room (aka: mudroom) is small, so we don't have room for shoes in it.  This is where our most commonly used shoes go.  Don't ask me how the youngest family member seems to have four times more shoes than the rest of us.
So I'm going to update that post with some more recent photos.  My hope is to get up a post about the loft we built our son with some plans.  We built it years ago, but I never posted plans.  It seems the woodworking plans are my most popular ones.  I wish I had more time to build things.  I'd love to build a dresser/shelf/bench seat combo surrounding the windows in our master bedroom.  Maybe when the kids are in college?  Oh, I like to keep it real.  Even when I try to style up my bench, it's not style worthy.  We're just your normal family where things get piled up on the bench.  It drives me nuts when the kids leave their stuff all over the bench.  But, oh well, a happy home is a messy home.
Enjoy the remainder of the week!  Here's to crafting things, even if we only get to think about them.

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