Monday, December 12, 2016

Our Favorite Christmas Cards

With Christmas fast approaching, I thought I would round up our favorite Christmas cards from the past years.

2013 had the typical Christmas portrait photos.

2014 had 2 styles of cards.  We had the Superhero card and the "All I Want for Christmas Card."  We couldn't decide which one was better that year.

2015 had us thinking we couldn't top 2014.  Then we came up with the Lego card.  The 2 kids and the dog are hidden in that card.  It's like "Where's Waldo."

2016.  Oh, a sneak peek of this year's card.  We were having a creative rut and couldn't think of anything or how we would top the last couple of years.  We went simple this year, but we're still happy with it.  The dog just makes the card.  We got lucky capturing that expression.

Obviously, we like using cartoon speech bubbles in our Christmas cards.

You can find previous Christmas photos from previous years here.

Do you have a favorite Christmas card that you've done in the past?

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