Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Photographing Our 2016 Christmas Card

Drum roll, please!

Presenting our 2016 Christmas Card:

Yes, there was a sneak peek of it in our Favorite Christmas Card roundup post.  But here's a quick look at how we put it together.  And we put it together pretty quickly.  I look photos of the kids against my bedroom wall one morning.  The dog sat on a stool and the girl held him.  We did our best howling imitations to get him to howl.  He will "sing" along with us in his best little gravely howl.  The small photos below are the individual photos that I took.

I took those individual photos and put them together into one photo.  I started with a custom canvas (5x7) in Photoshop Elements and then put in the boy's photo, put in the girl's photo, and then stuck the dog's photo in the middle.  I had to erase some edges and blend the background a bit, but it didn't take real long.  I didn't even color correct or edit anything on the photo, I forgot to!  I usually brighten eyes a bit and soften skin, but nothing was done to these.  I ended up with the photo below.  Not perfect, but good enough.  I made the girl look taller than the boy, oh well.

My girl then took the photo above and opened it in PicMonkey.  She's becoming quite good at using PicMonkey.  She added the cartoon bubbles and the text all on her own.  Each kid picked what lyrics they wanted to be saying.  Then we ended up with the photo below.  We had them printed as sturdy 5x7 postcards to keep the costs down.  We're really happy with how they turned out.

Do you do Christmas cards?  We're going to have to start thinking of next year's card way ahead of time.  But most likely, we'll start around December 1 and try desperately to think of something to outdo the previous years.

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