Thursday, March 16, 2017

A Frozen Themed Birthday Party

Some little girl I know turned ten recently!  Time sure does fly.  We had a lovely family celebration and then a casual party with friends at a local park.  We kept things simple, because the kids mostly love to play together.  The girl wanted a Frozen theme and we put together some activities and favor bags.  The girl is a crafty one, so she put most of it together!

Rather than cupcakes, we had simple food.  The girl made icicles, which were pretzel rods covered in white chocolate and sprinkled with sugar.  Then we had cake pops that girl made.  She made chocolate cake pops with a cake pop pan, covered them in dark chocolate, and then swirled some melted butterscotch on top. Each treat was individually wrapped for easy serving.  For those that couldn't make it and didn't want to eat it then, the treats were easy to take home.  We also served strawberries.

To counteract all the sugar, we chose to serve water, rather than juice.  We printed off a premade label that said "melted snow" and the girl put them on the water bottles.

We had a bag of goodies or party favors for each kid.  The bag contained bubbles with a label that also said "melted snow", a glider to play with, a crown for the girls, a paper fan that the girl made, and a bag of Hershey Kisses with a label we made that says "I wanna stuff some chocolate in my face."

The biggest hit for the kids were the swords that we made.  The girl called them "Prince Hans swords," but most kids liked to think of them as light sabers.  We used pool noodles from the dollar store and I cut them in half.  The girl put duct tape at the bottom for a handle.  I printed off each kids' name with  my label maker and we labeled each sword.  That kept fighting and crying to a minimum (other than when someone got hit hard or accidentally in the face).  We had rules that they could only hit below the neck and could only hit someone who was also playing.  It was crazy with a dozen kids swatting swords around.  I learned that next time I should make all the moms swords also!  In addition to the party favor bags, we had chalk for the kids to draw with.

I figured if the kids were getting favor bags, that the moms would need favor bags too.  So we made up some "Mommy Bags" with some treats to get the moms through all the kid craziness.  Each mom got 8 chocolates and a bottle of frappuccino.  I chilled the drinks so that we could all enjoy them on the warm day while the kids ran around hitting each other with their foam swords.  The "Mommy Bags" were a big hit!

For the birthday celebration at home, we had strawberry cupcakes with vanilla buttercream.  The girl frosted and decorated her own cupcakes.

Happy Birthday to my sweet ten-year-old!


  1. Happy 10th! I LOVE the mommy bag idea! Will have to so that for our next party.

    1. Thank you! The mommy bags were the biggest hit. I'm going to have to remember that for other parties.


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