Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Building a Playset Part 2 - The Floor

Continuing on with the playset building...

We built a base.

Now we have a floor.

We are using used lumber from Grandpa's old deck, so that determined the way our floorboards ran. The floorboards are cut to the shorter length (6 foot). The floor is made of 2x6 boards. This playset is pretty sturdy and heavy, which is good because we get some serious winds here.

The floor was easy enough, I didn't even have to rip any boards. The kids and I were able to do it on our own and Biker Boy just checked our screws later on. I used 17 full width boards and they ended up being spaced every so slightly on the 6x8 base. This isn't going to be an airtight fort, but that's okay. We plan to put an outdoor rug over the floor at some point. Something we can vacuum or take out and hose down.

Up next...windows! Spoiler: You can see a frame for the window in the photo above.

I'm starting to call this playset "My Fort!" I seem to be doing a majority of the work on it, so I think I'm going to play in it. Or decorate it!

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