Monday, August 28, 2017

Building a Playset Part 3 - The Walls

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Today I'm showing the walls.

The six foot wide walls each have a window. The window is 3x5. The windows are used and were handed down to us. Since we were given a bunch of 2x6 boards, we used those for the framing. I didn't use a standard (to code for a home) framing for the windows, because this is just a playset fort. The framing was sturdy enough to support the windows and the structure.

The eight foot wide wall that faces the playset, has the three ground to roof boards, plus 2 extra floor to roof boards. The roof will be 10 feet from the ground on that side. This side will be completely covered in siding. There is a horizontal 2x6 board attached to the vertical boards that will support the swingset beam. More on the swingset later. Also, more on the siding later (but you can see a preview of some it here). You can also see that we have anchored the playset into the ground with some posts.

The other eight foot wide wall has the door. The door was framed about with 2x6 boards also. An additional floor to roof board was placed to install siding on. The roof will be 9 feet from the ground on the door side.

We're so very thankful for how much money we have been able to save with recycling. The playset is not looking too bad for building it with used parts and lumber. We call it our "ghost town fort." It reminds us of some ghost town buildings we have seen. We're close to being completed with it, it just needs a door and a few more siding pieces. I'll cover the siding and then the roof next.

Have a wonderful week!

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