Thursday, September 7, 2017

Building a Playset Part 4: The Siding and Roofing

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Today I'm moving on to the siding and roofing.

It's not terribly exciting. We recycled lumber from a deck and used deck boards on the walls. We cut them to size and screwed them up with exterior screws to the frame boards. I used a washer to help space the boards and leave a gap for when the wood swells because of water. Many of the boards are warped, so some spaces are larger and some are smaller. "It's just a playset" is what we keep telling ourselves.

Here are a bunch of photos. I haven't been the best about documenting the building, because I tend to be building it and not taking photos.

The roof is simple. It's an 8x8 foot square with two cross braces. The cross braces are held with metal joist brackets. We used four sheets of metal roofing with exterior metal roofing screws. The hardest part was squaring up the wood before putting on the metal, but it came together. Wait, no, I take that back. The hardest part was put it up. Biker Boy and I pushed and pulled and got it up on the playhouse. First we cut off the tall vertical beams on the playset to size and then placed the roof on top. One of the crossbeams is resting on the frame of the house and the roof slants to let rainwater run off it. We used some heavy duty screws to screw it into the frame. It turned out better than I expected. We finished the siding under the roof after it was in place. The photos below show after the roof was up, but before we finished the siding.

Next time...the playset and door. We just have a ladder/stairs left to make. Almost done!

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