Friday, September 29, 2017

DIY Playhouse & Swingset

It's finished. It took a couple of months, lots of screws, and plenty of hard work.

You can catch up on our slow progress at these past posts:

For the door, we built a dutch door. Grooved plywood was cut to size and 2x6 boards outlined the plywood.

Two hinges are on each portion of the door. The dutch door allows more light and air to come into the playhouse. As if it weren't airy enough with the space between the boards and light enough with a window facing south and a window facing north!

This is the latch to keep the door closed. It's on the outside bottom door. It can be accessed from the inside by opening the top door.

This is the latch that holds the top and bottom doors together. It's located on the inside of the door.

We didn't do anything fancy for stairs or a deck. We were ready to be done with this thing. We built a quick ladder. You can see the green post that anchors the playhouse to the ground. While the playhouse is heavy, we still wanted to make sure it wasn't going to blow over with the 80mph gusts we can have. (Our trampoline blew away with shallow anchors, so now we anchor everything deep.) All the wood lies on concrete pavers to prevent it from rotting fast on wet ground.

The swingset is modeled after the old one we dismantled. All the wood is new to us (used...donated from Grandpa) and the brackets are from the old set. This set is 7 inches higher than the old one, now that the kids are bigger. And in a test of how high the new swingset can go, one of the children fell off on their first use, and we took a lovely 3 hour trip to urgent care. (The kid was fine, just had contusions.)

I don't have many interior shots, but it's nice and roomy. A 5x7 inch outdoor rug fit in the playhouse. (Hello...clearance tags at Target!) We scored two cheap outdoor pillows at a grocery store. We had two cushioned foldable chairs that we put in and found a table we had built a long time ago. Nothing stylish and fancy. The kids and I have been using the playhouse to read. The kids even tried to sleep in it one night, but that didn't last when it started to rain. It got too loud for them with the steel roofing. (Or they were just scared about bears.)

I don't have a breakdown for cost, but I estimate it would be around $400 if you had to purchase lumber. We only had to purchase some screws, steel roofing, concrete pavers, and one 2x6! That rang in less than $100, which this thrifty mama likes! All the rest of the materials were leftover from the old playset or were donated from the grandparent's remodel (windows, deck boards, and lots of other boards...we are so grateful!)

We have cleaned the boards, but we still have to seal them. (Thank you again to the grandparents for the supplies). It's been raining like crazy here, so we need to wait for some dry days to apply the clear water sealer. We like the natural look of the boards. It reminds us of a ghost town house that has windows! The green was one I built here...way back in 2010...and was repainted a couple of years ago.

I have a Pinterest Board dedicated to playhouses, because we dreamed of building one for a long time. This was the year, with donated boards, and an okay from Biker Boy, that we got to do it! It is now our "Toy House."

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