Friday, April 27, 2018

Silicone Rings & A Few of My Favorite Things

I keep telling myself I'll try to blog more, but alas...other things come first. But here's an attempt.

It's been awhile since I've shown a few of my favorite things.

In no special order, here they are:

Silicon Rings
While I love the ring my husband gave me to when we got engaged and married, I don't always wear it for athletic endeavors. My husband's wedding rings have been lost, found, lost, found, stolen, and not often worn. We both have a set of silicon rings. Biker Boy wears his all the time and I wear mine for sporty stuff, outdoor work, camping, and other occasional things. Biker Boy has two different sets in two different sizes.  I have a set of 7 different colors that my daughter chose for me. They are very comfortable, you can color coordinate your outfit with your ring, and they are easy to get off even if your fingers blow up from eating a salty meal. It's win-win! There are also many color choices and styles.

Snake Plants
Seriously...these are the best plant ever. They are hard to kill and proliferate like rabbits. We started with one pot and now have at least 7 pots of them. We've even gifted plants and sadly have composted some when the pots got full and we didn't have anything to do with the extra plants. We can over water them and underwater them and they don't care. We tend to underwater. They aren't extremely fond of bright sunlight, but they do great everywhere else. We have them in shady rooms and sunny rooms. Best. Plant. Ever.

Air Plants
Seriously cute and seriously fun. We used them this year for our DIY Christmas gifts. My girl had fun painting egg cups to hold the air plants. We've even managed to keep ours alive. We found they prefer to live in our bathrooms. They get more moisture and humidity in there, as opposed to our extremely dry environment everywhere else. We ordered the air plants on Amazon.

We've added this into the kids' Spanish curriculum and they don't fight me on it. I've even started doing it to try and refresh the Spanish I learned in high school and college. And it's FREE! We each do it for 5-10 minutes a day. The children have even been known to get into it and have gotten up over 20 minutes. And that reminds me I haven't done a post on our homeschool curriculum this year. Maybe that'll be next.

Manatee Coffee
A lot of coffees give me acid reflux, which is not fun. I like to drink coffee, but I don't like it to make me feel bad. Thank goodness for Manatee Coffee, which is low acid! My parents got me started on this coffee with the Caribbean Delight flavor. They would send me home with some or send me care packages of it. Now that it's the only coffee I can drink, I order it online. Lately I've been getting it on Amazon, but be sure to sign up at the Manatee website for their emails. Occasionally they will send out a coupon code! I want to try the hazelnut cream flavor next. What kind of coffee do you enjoy?

What are some of your favorite things lately?

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