Friday, May 11, 2018

Fifth and Seventh Grade Homeschool Curriculum

This is our fifth year homeschooling, and we have most of it figured out. Not all of it. This year saw a change up in science part way through. Ugh...don't get me started on science. I'm really picky and have yet to find a curriculum I really like. I always try, but end up going back to my own thing. #formerscienceteacher #onceateacheralwaysateacher

Rather than list my fifth grader daughter's and seventh grader son's work separately, I'm going to list them together. My kids do most of their work together, but I'll note where they are separate (math and spelling/vocabulary).

Bible: Max Lucado's Grace for the Moment.
I bought the kindle version for 99 cents. We've been loving how relevant it is to daily life.

English: Bob Jone's Writing & Grammar 7
We've been using Bob Jones since the beginning. We started with Bob Jones 3. The Writing and Grammar 3-6 were fairly similar, there was a significant change with 7. I found I had to do more planning and there was a lesson plan layout in the back of the book. The early grammar books have a lesson for each day, the seventh grade version has chapters with lots of skills practice. I had to divide out the lessons and writing into different days, and the lesson plan helped to to that.

History: Mystery of History Volume 3
We've used Mystery of History for the last three years and have liked it. We'll finish next year with the last volume of it. I supplement with DK Smithsonian History and The Kingfisher History Encyclopedia. We don't use all the activities listed in the curriculum. We do the mapping, pretests, quizzes, and worksheet exercises. I supplement with our own activities. The kids have made biographical posters of different people in history. We also read other non-fiction books from the library.

Vocabulary and Spelling: Wordly Wise 3000 Book 7 and Building Spelling Skills 6
The seventh grader used  the Wordly Wise 7 and the fifth grader used Building Spelling Skills. Next year she (the fifth grader) will use the Wordly Wise 7 and my son (the seventh grader) will use Wordly Wise 8.

Science: NOEO Chemistry 2 with a change to Holt Physical Science
We started with NOEO Chemistry. I had the chemistry set and all the books, but half way through the year we weren't captivated by it. I made the decision to start over. I taught physical science to ninth grade, and even though my kids are younger, I decided I could tweak my old curriculum enough to be at their grade level. So I bought a Holt Physical Science book and I was able to plan out a year and a half of science using it. We'll use it next year too. Yes, I'm the crazy science mama. We do hands-on experiments 2-3 days a week. We're currently finishing up the year with building egg drop contraptions. (We just studied Newton's laws.)

Math: Horizons 5, Teaching Textbooks 7, Teaching Textbooks Pre-Alegbra, and Teaching Textbooks Algebra 1. Plus Life of Fred Pre-Algebra 0 and Pre-Algebra 1.
Yes, that is a lot of math. The fifth grader finished Horizons 5 and has moved to Teaching Textbooks 7. The seventh grader finished Teaching Textbooks Pre-Alegbra and moved on to Algebra 1. We all do Life of Fred together when I remember. They do math every single day, except for when a Windows Update took our computer down.

Spanish: Realidades A and Duolingo
The kids like Duolingo, I'm even doing it to refresh my spanish skills (which aren't much). The fifth grader even put her new spanish skills to use in Sunday school when a girl who only spook spanish visited.

Reading Comprehension: Spectrum Reading Grade 7
Both kids used this book about 2-3 times a week.

I love planning the reading curriculum. It's varied and fun. I read-aloud to the kids nearly every day and they also have individual reading time. We also try to visit the library once a week with other homeschool friends. Here's some of the books we have read this year:

Extra-curricular: Sports & Hobbies
Guitar (boy) and ukulele (girl) for music. Ballet (girl) and soccer (boy) for organized sports. Mountain biking, road biking, hiking, swimming, and snowboarding as family activities. The girl loves to craft and bake. The boy loves to make movies of scootering and mountain biking with his action cam and now a selfie drone (thanks to a generous uncle).

That's our year...only 13 more days to go. Then I'll have a sixth grader and an eighth grader! Both will be middle-schoolers and we'll have to get the oldest registered for high school. I can't think about that right now!

Any suggestions for good books to read? I'm off to planning next year.

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